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Tales of the Toot has moved…. February 12, 2010

Aiden's CrossHey Y’all!
You may have noticed that I’ve had no new posts this week…. (I hope you’ve noticed!)… I have been working on moving Tales of the Toot to it’s very own domain and am finally up and running over at the new site!!

Please go over to: http://www.talesofthetoot.com  and reconnect/follow/subscribe over there. I love all my bloggy friends and don’t want to lose anyone in the transition.

Now that all the hard work of moving content, figuring out codes, plug-ins and widgets is done, I am excited to return to regular posting as well as visiting your blogs!

Come see me @ http://talesofthetoot.com

Thanks so much!



Putting Your Love of Reading to Good Use!! January 3, 2010

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I have become a Book Review Blogger!

I am so very excited about this. Those of you who know anything about this sassy mama know that I read like CRAZY and I’m also a wee bit opinionated (hold your comments!) So I decided, “Hey, why not?!”

I will be reviewing Christian Books for Thomas Nelson beginning this month! I already have my first selection in hand and am ready to get started!! Please sign up as a subscriber to my blog for new updates!

For more info you can click on my big blue Thomas Nelson button or contact me!!