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Pants on the Ground! January 26, 2010

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Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on … backwards?????

This is what happens when your 2 1/2 year old puts his pants on “by all myself”

So cute, I just had to share!


12 Responses to “Pants on the Ground!”

  1. Angelia Says:

    Lol! He might be starting a new trend if this gets out. πŸ˜› Too cute!

  2. That is just adorable !!! So cute – glad I saw this, it made my day. What a great personality he must have.

  3. gena Says:

    How cute. I think after 4 years, it’s not so adorable.

  4. Stefani Says:

    Very cute! My boy will probably soon do the same. He turns 2 on Thursday!

  5. Tammie Says:

    Wait to see what they do at 16 years. You’ll be suprised. Wonderful picture, remeniscent of days gone by. you should visit sometime, we have a lot in common.

  6. Tammy Says:

    Okay, that’s too funny! Stopping by from SITS! Wanted to say hi and check out your blog. I love the colors! Very inviting! Stop by and say hi sometime. Have a great one! Take care of your sickie…

  7. Too Cute.

    My 3 year old will only wear his underwear backwards. He “can’t see the pictures the other way.” D’uh mommy:)

  8. Paula Says:

    Haha! That’s great. Silly kids!

  9. branflakes Says:

    LOL! That is funny!

  10. Tammie Says:

    Too funny! I absolutely LOVE it! Children are such a gift. My son, Nick, a special needs child, still gets things mixed up at 16…and I still laugh. Treasure EVERY moment.

  11. Lindsay Says:

    This is SO CUTE! My three year old came up to me the other day singing this song and I thought I would die it was so cute.

  12. Rose Bailey Says:


    Priceless moment!!!
    I am so glad we met:)

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