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Product Review-So Smart! Award Winning DVD’s for Children January 20, 2010


It was an exciting day at our house when we checked the mailbox to find 2 new DVD’s from the So Smart! Collection waiting for my our review. Aiden was ready and willing to be my little guinea pig for this project and promptly exclaimed “New movies for me! Can I watch them, mama?” So off to the DVD player they went.

We first watched “House” from the Babies First-Word Stories series. This series is created for toddlers, aged 1-3,  who are working on language development. “House” is aimed at children 1+ and introduces your child to words and names of objects found in your home as well as sounds the objects make and uses of the objects.

Although, Aiden knew most of the words covered in this particular video, he still enjoyed interacting with the characters/narrator as they would urge the children to recall the names of the items found in the home or playing hide-and-seek with the characters.

I loved the way this video encouraged interaction and not just mind-numbing vegetation in front of the TV! From calling out names of objects as they appeared on-screen to finding where Dee-Dee was hiding in the house, my little man was encouraged to be an active participant in learning as he watched.

Our second selection from So Smart is from the King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode series and is called “Lollybird’s Tale of Being Different.” This was a wonderfully imaginative story that teaches a valuable, universal lesson – it’s okay to be different! It is geared for children 3+.

Aiden (and myself!) loved the music in this story and followed along intently asking me questions about the story-line. This is a great DVD to sit and watch with your younger children so that you can engage in dialogue about what it means to be different.

Both DVDs are PC and MAC compatible and include bonus activities such as: printable activity sheets, music videos and on-screen tutorials.

Overall, I am impressed with the content of both So Smart! selections. They were both educational, entertaining and age-appropriate. It is obvious why the So Smart! Series is the winner of over 30 National Parenting Awards. If you are looking for quality, educational entertainment for your children, I would encourage you to consider the So Smart Series. These videos are a great educational tool and an investment into your child’s learning.

You can find more information and order your So Smart! DVDs by clicking here.

The DVDs reviewed in this post were provided by So Smart in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation has been given.


13 Responses to “Product Review-So Smart! Award Winning DVD’s for Children”

  1. Maryann Says:

    I am visiting from friends follow friends at MBC.


  2. Reyna Says:

    Great review! I think these look great as a replacement to all of the TV shows that like you said, are mind numbing! Especially for kids this is important!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Following via google reader from MBC. you can find me blogging here: http://www.couponclippinmommy.com/

  4. Naomi Says:

    sounds like a good product. i love the interaction!

  5. Shelley Says:

    Great review!! Visiting from MBC…following you on Twitter! I’m @lovebnamommy

    Have a good night!

    Shelley @ Shelley’s Swag

  6. Joy Says:

    These seem like good videos for preschoolers. I like anything my daughter can watch and get engaged.

  7. veronica lee Says:

    Hi Christy! Welcome to the Friends Following Friends Club!

  8. Sarah Chang Says:

    This is a great review! Sounds like a wonderful product!
    Now following from MBC!

  9. Angelia Says:

    Hi Christy! I would have loved to see Aiden’s face watching these videos! I like good DVDs that you can dance around and interact with the kids. TOO FUN!


  10. Theta Mom Says:

    Nice review, something my daughter would enjoy!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog…do you have a followers link via GFC?

    Looking forward to blogging with you! 🙂

  11. Lindsey Says:

    This is a great blog you have here!

  12. Will have to check these out! We had the pleasure of reviewing Eebee’s Adventures last Summer and we would highly recommend those too if you or your readers are interested!

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