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A week at home!!! January 27, 2009

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Yay! Most of you probably already know by now (because I could not contain my excitement!) but we don’t have to go to Dallas this week!!! YAY!!! We had Aiden’s labs drawn here in town yesterday and his nephrologist felt that they were good enough that we could skip pheresis this week and stay home for Aiden to continue to recover from the RSV. He is doing great…getting his energy back and is more like his usual happy-go-lucky self! Thanks for all the prayers!

Some very dear friends and 1 awesome family member have been working tirelessly to set up a “non-profit” type account where people could donate “tax-free” to help out with Aiden’s medical expenses. We appreciate them doing this so much and could not ask for better friends than those who would take this on of their own accord and want so much to help out our little toot during these hard times. They have asked that I let everyone who reads the blog know that the account is ready to go–it is at Citizens Bank in Kilgore Texas and any donations can be made there to the Aiden Cross Fund — Tax # 30-0527404. I pray you do not feel that I am pressuring anyone to do this by mentioning it here–We do not expect or ask for anything other than your prayers and thoughts about our little toot, but many have asked if there was such an account..and now there is! 🙂

I’m off to drink some coffee and get started on some housework..YAY–can you believe I’m actually excited about that?! It’s good to be home! 🙂

Much Love,

Christy, David and Toot


One Response to “A week at home!!!”

  1. Thoughts bijean NTX Says:

    My eyes are leaking so much that I can barely see the screen…….cause I’m so happy for all of you!!!!! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I just want to jump through this screen and give you all a great big hug……for some reason it didn’t work like is does on TV so could you do me a favor and give little Aiden a great big hug from me???I love you guys,Jean

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