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just an update January 22, 2009

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So, it’s Thursday and we are still here. Me and Toot are anyways..David had to go back to stupid work..boo!

Let’s see….where to start???

Aiden’s surgery is being postponed because we found out that the fever that started last week is from….RSV. Right. You have got to be kidding me…..I’m sure he picked it up at one of our many hospital trips. It’s a nasty respiratory virus and takes a few weeks to get completely over. The surgeon wants to make sure he is in the clear before surgery because he will have to be put under for the procedure and we don’t want to risk respiratory complications and ICU and ventilators….you get the picture…Toot also has an ear infection that they think started because of all the pressure from all the coughing. His temp got up to 104.5 on Tuesday. Poor baby. He just feels rotten. He just lays around and sleeps(like he is doing now).

We were going to come home yesterday but Aiden’s blood count was low. (7.8) so he received an additional dose of EPO last night and they rechecked his labs this morning. His blood count is now up to 8.8 but his stinkin’ platelets are 95. Seriously?! I am thinking we will still get to go home, but unsure at this point. Waiting on the Dr. to get here.

Hoping to be home soon,

Christy and Toot


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