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A Good Week! January 15, 2009

Filed under: AHUS,Atypical HUS,kidney failure in children — christycross77 @ 9:55 pm

YAY!! It’s been a great week for Aiden and for us too! First off, Aiden’s bloodwork looked absolutely wonderful on Monday evening when we checked into the hospital. His blood count was actually in normal range–something I have NEVER seen, even before his diagnosis! His electrolytes looked great and his kidney function tests, while not normal, were an improvement from last week. Maybe pheresis twice per week is going to do the trick?! I’m praying for another great lab report when we check in this coming Monday. Aiden is running around having a great time UNcleaning the house as I desperately try to clean faster than he UNcleans…ha, guess who’s winning that race?

Aiden and I are meeting with Sterling Grace owner, Deborah Harter tomorrow to make more plans for “Aiden’s Cross” She has already completed the design and I cannot wait to see it! I am absolutely thrilled that she has not only agreed to do this but has taken it on whole-heartedly and is working through her many, many contacts to spread the awareness about Aiden and Atypical HUS. She is truly a God-send. More on that after our meeting tomorrow!

I am encouraged. For the past week and a half I’ve felt the peace of God finally return to me and I can see a change in David, too. I still don’t understand the why’s, but I truly believe that God has a plan. Thanks to whoever it was who prayed specifically for that “peace that passes understanding”–Ha, I know YOU are out there–just don’t know which one of you it is. It is now our goal to not only live each day to the fullest and with Aiden-like zeal but to spread the word about Atypical HUS to all who will listen. Look out Oprah–here we come! 😉

A very special thanks to ALL of our wonderful friends and as always to Mimi! We have a wealth of love and support from great friends and it lifts us up to know you care.

Please continue to be in prayer for more good news for Aiden and for the “Aiden’s Cross” project. Also–please say a special prayer for the family of Caden White (www.cadenwhite.com) and for the family of Mellissa Ybarra and specifically, Ian their sweet son.

Love to all,

Christy, David and Toot


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