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what is today’s date? December 15, 2008

Filed under: AHUS,Atypical HUS,kidney failure in children — christycross77 @ 2:10 pm

They all run together after a while. Sorry for the lack of updates. We moved to children’s medical center of dallas last week and their wifi (among other things) sucks so I can’t even get to my blog except from the blackberry. They moved us here strictly for dialysis training for home and we’ve been here since Wednesday evening and have gotten about 4 hours of training. We have to complete it, be checked off and have a home visit before we can be discharged and they are taking their sweet time… Needless to say we are annoyed. And for the record this hospital sucks and we wish we were back at medical city (if we have to be in a hospital,that is)looks like we are here for at least the rest of this week. From the looks of it once we are done here, we may get to come home and do pheresis about once a week for right now, if aiden’s bloodwork stays within the range it is now. He will have dialysis at home for 12 hours each night for now. Praying that his kidney function come back and we don’t need dialysis, but for now… Still waiting on test results from Iowa hopefully they will guide is more as far as treatment goes. I apologize for typos. The address for those of you who’ve asked is:

1935 medical district drive, dallas TX 75235

We are in C5263.
Thank you so much to those of you who have continued to call, email, text is over the past few weeks to check on us and Aiden. You are truly friends and we appreciate you.


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