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hurry up and wait December 2, 2008

Filed under: AHUS,Atypical HUS,kidney failure in children — christycross77 @ 1:45 am

I am writing this from my blackberry so I apologize in advance for any typos. Aiden continues to be in great spirits! We had some trouble with his central line not working so had to skip apharesis yesterday. Its back up and running now and he had apharesis earlier today and is now receiving 12 hours of dialysis to try to get his BUN and potassium levels back down. They will most likely be moving is out of ICU and to the regular pediatric floor tomorrow since they can do dialysis and apharesis both from there. We will miss our icu nurses!! Still no results back from Iowa and no idea as to when we may be able to come home. David is back home until Friday to work.its a bummer without daddy here with us. Some of you have asked for the address to send things for Aiden. Here it is:

Medical city children’s hospital
7777 Forest Lane
Dallas,TX 75230

Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes. We love getting messages from y’all!

Christy, david and the toot!


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