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The perpetual student September 19, 2008

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….seriously, why did I decide to go back to school again? Oh yeah, so I didn’t have to work crappy hours and to get paid more money. Right. Okay, that all makes good sense. Here’s what makes no sense whatsoever. Why the heck do I need to take MUSIC APPRECIATION to be a Nurse Practitioner? And if I AM taking said, Music Appreciation and my instructor knows that 99.9% of us are not taking this class because we are MUSIC majors but because it meets our Arts requirement, then WHY does he take this class so seriously? I mean do I need to know what a time measure is and what a quarter note looks like to be good at Nursing? I think not. I thought the class would be listening to some music, identifying some pieces, learning about composers, blah blah…but I did not sign up to learn to read music or pick out a clarinet as the solo instrument in a concerto. BLAH! I can hear the do-gooders now…but Christy, this will make you a much more “well-rounded” individual. BLAH BLAH BLAH! šŸ™‚ Can you tell I don’t care for Music Appreciation so far? Oh, and my US Gov teacher seems to have a bee in his bonnet. My other 3 classes are cake. Can’t wait to get through the preliminaries and get back to my medical studies. I loved all of my classes in nursing school! Who’da thought that medicine would end up being my passion?


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