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The illusion of control… September 17, 2008

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This is an older blog of mine that I wrote a few months ago….do you agree? Is control just an illusion?

So I was in bed last night thinking…..isn’t it funny how we fool ourselves into thinking we are in control of our lives? I remember when David and I were trying to get pregnant with no results for almost a year. I was heart-broken because there was nothing I could do to fix it. We had to trust God and pray about it…then when my precious baby was 4 months old and everything was going just as I thought it should…BAM! out of no where we were blindsided. Aiden became critically ill after receiving his 4-month vaccinations and we were flown to Dallas where Aiden was kept in pediatric ICU for over 4 weeks and hospitalized for a total of 5 weeks. He went through enormous trials…he was in so much pain..he couldn’t breath on his own, he couldn’t eat, he couldn’t urinate…there was absolutely nothing I could do…How hard as a mother to be unable to help your child? To be unable to be his mother? But when David and I prayed together..the peace came…and the understanding that even though we are not really ever in control…we know the One who is.Maybe just maybe God is trying to tell us all….to let Him drive….all the time…not just when we are forced to.


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