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Reminder to self…. September 17, 2008

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It’s easy to let yourself get discouraged. You make up your mind that you’re going to do something(s) great!You “start strong” and a few days, weeks, months into it…BAM! Somebody/something/some circumstance throws a wrench in it and you feel like just giving up. You forget everything you’ve learned (the things that impacted you in such a way that they prompted you to do this thing) and you just want to give up. Ladies, I’m writing this to remind you (and myself) that this is when we should press harder, stand stronger, refocus and KEEP GOING!
This could apply to many, many “things” that we are trying to do in life. But I think the point is clear in most any situation…and you know what I’ve found my very BIGGEST obstacle is?? Probably no surprise….MYSELF.
–I’m here to tell you that I’m over it. I had a bad diet weekend and the scales aren’t moving but I’m refocusing. I’m pressing harder. I’m standing stronger. I’m not giving up. No matter what nay-sayers or MYSELF tries to tell me….I’m only getting started! 🙂 Besides, I spent waaaay too much money on this diet program to give up!….even though I could REALLy use some Mexican food….teehee


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